May '99 Trial
May 19-June 21

Greenland Traverse Expedition

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Laurie Dexter believes that anything is possible.

After the turn of the century, Laurie Dexter will begin an historic 2600 km. trek, the Canadian Millennial Antarctic Expedition, crossing the most desolate continent on earth, Antarctica. Travelling from the edge of Berkner Island through the South Pole to McMurdo Sound, he will pull a 120 kg. sled across the coldest, windiest, driest place on the planet.

In preparation for this trek, Laurie Dexter and his team mates Tore Sivertson and Sunniva Sorby are skiing across Greenland, east to west, without re-supply, a distance of 650 km. The trek will start May 19, 1999 at Isertoq, a small Inuit community on the east coast of Greenland and will end 35 days later at Sondre Stromfiord (Kangerlussuaq).

Laurie and his companions will travel by ski pulling sleds containing their gear, using wind assistance with parasails when appropriate. They will start at sea level, climb to 2, 600 m. and then descend back to sea level on the other side. This route simulates the Antarctic crossing planned for later this year. Inland temperatures on the ice cap are expected to be -30 to -40 degrees Celsius.

Join Laurie and his expedition team as they test their equipment, stamina and spirit. Check in daily to follow the progress reports, chart the UV readings and take part in some of the classroom activities.

If you wish to receive the progress reports by e-mail contact Diane Hammond, Curriculum Consultant at

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