These are the names for the 2005 hurricane season. Each year, a potential list of names is prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. The list contains a name for each letter of the alphabet. (The letters Q, U, X, Y, Z are not included because there are not many names beginning with those letters.)

Hurricanes are cyclones of tropical origin with wind speeds of at least 118 kilometres per hour. Known as 'typhoons' in the western Pacific, 'cyclones' in the Indian Ocean, and 'baguios' in the Philippines, each storm usually has a life span of several days. The tropical storms and hurricanes that affect eastern North America, the Caribbean, and Central America generally form from June to November. Most occur in August, September, and October when the ocean's waters are at their warmest. In other parts of the world, such as the western Pacific, hurricanes can occur year round. On average, three to four tropical storms or hurricanes pose a threat to Canada or its territorial waters each year.

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