Space for Species

A Science Unit to support the Space for Species Project:
Using satellite technology to monitor species migration and changes in their habitat.

Concepts Covered

Satellites observe the Earth using electromagnetic waves such as light, infrared and microwaves.
It is possible to put small position locators (tiny radio beacons) on wild animals (called "tagging") so that their movements can be tracked by satellites specifically designed for this purpose.
Some migratory species have very large habitats.
Their migration paths and habitats frequently cross international boundaries and often include geographically remote and environmentally hostile regions.
Satellite technology offers an ideal opportunity to track and monitor the motions of migratory animals.
Satellite technology offers an ideal method for observing and monitoring environmental changes in the habitat of migratory species.

Prepared for the Canadian Space Agency by YES I Can! Science Team,
Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, York University

YES I Can! Science